An Image

An image is all you live with.

You preach about education,
its importance and value in society.
You want all your descendants to be educated -
"well-mannered and educated" you always insist.

But what else do you see?
How about my personality?
How about my likes and dislikes?

Or what about my happiness?
Would you support me if I tossed aside my education -
even for a few months?

(How would you feel?)
Do you even know what I'm thinking?

Why do you insist you care?
You say you want to see how my school is like,
but all you do is look at its buildings,
take a few pictures,
and leave...

What do you really care about?

Your status?
Your pride?

You degrade those who are 'below' you -
they're 'below' you because they're not as educated,
they don't have as much money as you,
or have children who are not educated either.

So is that what makes you prideful?
The fact that you have smart relatives?
Relatives who push towards the future,
and have stable jobs?

But what's wrong with settling down early,
and having a stable job without post-secondary education?
What's wrong with being a hair-cutter instead of a lawyer?

I don't understand your priority:
of having an image and doing what you think is required.
I don't understand...I simply do not.


I've been looking for a hero.
Someone who can say,
"I'll take you to a world you've never seen before."

Someone who's brave enough to show they care,
someone who has the courage to say,
"I was worried, that's why I'm here."

Someone who can embrace you,
even when you're in denial
or hesitant and constantly holding back -
someone who can hide your tears.

Maybe that someone is you after all...
No one else but the face in the mirror.

Summer is leaving

What a discouraging feeling... It's empty and so, so lifeless.

A summer filled with so much freedom and joy at last -
no need to worry about deadlines,
no need to live with a schedule,
just a time to be.

Yet, time races forward -
always going forward without a pause.
A break never comes.

Once the summer ends,
the new school year knocks on the door.
Like an unwelcome advertisement;
too noisy and too distracting.

For a little longer,
how about sleeping in under the blankets?
With the curtains shielding the sun away,
time going by without significant meaning.

For once,
when can I choose?